About this blog

This domain is a byproduct about the time when I was right in the middle of puzzling my mind for finishing university. I was frustrated by the thought of having to decide between certain aggregations of being, being as in pursuing a certain profession which eventually shapes your mind. The times of specialization and standardization (bug, big data) bear limitation: if you cannot measure it, it is not worth anything (exaggeratedly spoken). At the same time, connectedness and embeddedness in networks opens up endless possibilities to try, fail maybe (as I know now, fermented soy beans are really not my thing) and fuse into worlds, tastes and inclinations of all sorts. We are, however, not talking about politics and power here.

‘moxie and muse’ wants to express a mindset, a tree that is rooted down but growing tall, a journey through subtle snapshots and planned events, combining the machines of life and the spirits that keep it moving.┬áThe coin is sacred, but there is more than two sides to things.

Just as in society, the whole is more than the sum of its parts. So, if you take the left side of the brain and add the right, the options of reasoning become holistic. I believe that this will evoke empathy and de-egoistification, a way to find some sort of perspective after machines and fast progression: peaceful and sustainable living.

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