Context driven

Reflections about being does not exclusively refer to my being (Je pense donc je suis, which is not logic but fine for the moment) nor to being a human being amongst others. Although it may be a part of what there is to mention and to reflect on, the most current thought and observation that is crying for attention seems to me the matter of context. I personally feel being drowned by the amount of information I can access every day and which I maybe should have skipped because there are so many others waiting in the pipeline. How can you still extablish connections between political deciscion and analyze art if you constantly need to follow the newest news while you are lacking substanial background information? Honestly, I do not know how to solve this, I know, tons of books and articles have been published on this topic (something like “smart information management”) and they all probably have better or worse suggestions. I decided not to read these because I anyways tend to possess a book for every problem and end up in another information stuck. Since the best way to learn is to do it yourself, the even better way probably is the way without manual. At least in this context.

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