Monthly Archives: September 2011

Absolute Beginner

The valley has been dry, long and desperately silent. Going back and back and back eventually might sum up into what comes next. The pending state of being in a (US) state really has a huge impact on perceiving the steps between the one back and the other as a torture. No, I have not wasted my time but I am tired of sorting things out, hesitating, thinking. I know, I have always been and then I found something to step on, to start with, to step forward until the thoughts came back. I revised this pattern and instead of starting something new again, I decided this time to take up the old aims, ideas and projects and go a little further. Like when you almost ran a half marathon and stopped just before you were able to. Now you have to start pretty much from the beginning but the learning curve will be a lot denser and eventually lead to a level that can be tagged as intermediate. No absolute beginner, nevermore!