Monthly Archives: December 2010


I just walked to Martha & Bros. to grab a beverage which will guide me through the next hours of preparation. It is a three minutes walk from the place where I am staying and honestly, it is mostly the unplanned and short interruptions that make your mind erupting the best thoughts and pictures and even allegories. And while this might have been thought already a thousand of times and maybe written down 999 times and we all repeat each other – we don”t. The things you create may seem similar to what someone else already has been doing before (and you ask yourself: why the hell should I start doing something that others have done before, too? That is stupid copying and maybe even fraud). But: the things you create are also made by the audience you adress it to, by those, who wear, eat, read and talk about it. Give this fact a thought: it is not the thing itself but the character of its creator who shapes the value of the thing. Don’t expect to being succesful though but neither rule it out.